Emil Bulls - Oceanic (Limited Edition)(2011)

Новый и просто потрясающий альбом "Oceanic" от немецкого коллектива Emil Bulls.

1. The Concubines Of Debauchery 
2. Epiphany 
3. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 
4. The Jaws Of Oblivion 
5. Not Tonight Josephine 
6. Battle Royal 
7. I Bow To You 
8. We Don't Believe In Ifs 
9. The Saddest Man On Earth Is The Boy Who Never Weeps 
10. All Systems Go 
11. Lessons From Losses 
12. The Knight In Shining Armour 
13. Ghosts 
14. Dancing On The Moon 
15. The Jaws Of Oblivion (Acoustic) 
16. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Acoustic) 
17. Tell Me O Muse 
18. Parachute (Demo)


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